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Hypnagoga Press

Cataloguing the land of the innermost.

Hypnagoga Press is an independent music label and press. We specialise in music, literature and art, cataloguing the land of the innermost. Hypnagoga Press was founded in 2016, by the siblings Pär and Åsa Boström, based in the north of Sweden.

“A lunar garden bordering the desert. A slope and meadows, in lush evening light. The house flickers. As if only the surface layer is a villa, over a deeper stone temple layer. Each room has a closed door. Each pond reflects a blackened morning. The first words to be unearthed were hardly audible. Not until full pages were uncovered, could we hear the mountain. The night stretched between the poles, starving. There were shadows. We crossed the threshold, into the other body. Shards of stone and bone, shifting toward larger contours. One hand turned upwards, then downwards, then inwards. The ceremony repeating itself.”

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